Hi, I'm David Stanete

I have software engineering background and I'm interested in the intersection between longevity, aging and technology.

Hi, I'm David Stanete

I want to live as long as possible, as healthy as possible and here I write about my personal journey with practical longevity, aging, health, rejuvenation research and technology. Almost weekly.

I got interested in longevity around 10 years ago but I stopped being active in the community for the past 5 years. I really didn't know how to contribute. But now that I'm almost 30, I'm back with a much more practical approach to it than I used to. I'm still interested in deep scientific research for rejuvenation therapies though.

In my day to day I lead Technology and Engineering teams at Voltz Motors to build great products that add value. Mostly electric vehicles nowadays. I try to find simple solutions to complex and complicated problems. I’ve survived many startups through different stages.

What I did and learned before all this?

πŸ’° Engineering Manager, Creditas β€” Feb 20 - Jun 21. I improved my hiring skills. I understood better how to create and lead teams and how to deal with structural problems. I also learned that some problems can’t be solved right away. I kept helping other people grow. I improved my mentoring and coaching skills. I kept growing as a leader.

πŸ’° Principal Engineer, Creditas β€” Sep 20 - Jan 20. I learned how deal with structural problems and how to solve them when I don't have full control. How to improve Engineering Excellence working with other Tech Leads and Senior Engineers. How to help other Engineers define Engineering Strategy. How to make different teams collaborate and work together. How to improve social and technical anti-patterns. I learned that leading by trying to get replaced is one of the best ways to grow.

πŸ’° Tech Lead, Creditas β€” Sep 19 - Sep 20. I learned how to lead an Engineering Team to launch new products inside a fast growing company. I understood what technical leadership means. I learned how to define Engineering Strategy that is aligned with a higher vision. How to focus on the business and make everyone understand it. How to mentor and make other Engineers grow. I realised how building an internal network with my peers helps the team I'm leading.

πŸ›’ Software Engineer, Mercadona Tech β€” Aug 18 - Aug 19. I learned about Engineering Excellence and started to call myself a Product Minded Engineer. I discovered Extreme Programming and fell in love with it. I realised how important is to involve the whole team in the different phases of the product life cycle. I learned how to treat the processes of a team like a product. I finally understood what good Product Management and Product Design is.

πŸ‘• Senior Android Engineer, Chicfy β€” Jul 17 - July 18. I learned how to deal with a lot of legacy code and how to refactor it. I understood quality is one of the best ways to go fast and I understood testing is not something optional. I learned how important CI/CD pipelines actually are. I also learned how to plan my work better despite the uncertainty. I learned how to work together with a Product Manager and a Product Designer.

πŸŽ₯ Android Engineer, Upclose β€” Jun 15 - Jun 17. I learned how to work in a team with a common goal. I learned about value; focus on the outcome instead of the output. We wanted to create something other people actually used. And because of this I also learned resiliency. Iteration after iteration we struggled to create a sustainable business model. I learned how to deal with uncertainty and pressure.

🍺 Android Engineer, CervezaYa β€” Feb 15 - Sep 15. I learned how to side hustle. I learned how to care about the business, how to create and launch a product from scratch. And how to accept failure when the market proved us wrong.

πŸ›  Android Engineer, Freelance β€” Sep 13 - Jun 15. I learned how to deal with clients and build products on my own. How to build trust with other people and how to communicate when delays happen. How to organise my time and work hard when needed. I also learned how to learn.

πŸ—³ Android Engineer, Indra β€” Sep 14 - Feb 15. I learned that trying different approaches can help a team solve hard technical problems. I learned how a big consultancy firm works. I learned what bureaucracy involves for as Software Engineering team. I discovered that focusing on the outcome is much more rewarding than focusing on the output. That's why I only was there for a short period of time.

I’m on twitter 🐦 as @stanete (DMs are open). Check my LinkedIn too.

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