I'm David Stanete and my ikigai is longevity: help people live as long as possible, as healthy as possible.

Previously I used to build products and grow technology teams (Product, Engineering, Design and Data). I've launched and scaled several products in different markets. I've started and scaled several teams from scratch. I've developed and deployed complex software and hardware systems. I've trained, coached and managed leaders.

Technology - Stanete
Posts about product, engineering excellence, leadership and management in tech startups

Last year I transitioned to longevity biotech and worked as Head of Product at EPITERNA, a longevity biotech startup focused on in-vivo high throughput screening for lifespan extending compounds, where I established early clinical operations and product strategy.

Longevity - Stanete
In January 2023 I transition from tech into longevity biotech. I think helping people live as long as possible, as healthy as possible is the most important problem we should address right now

Now I'm building something new in longevity biotech to streamline aging drugs from bench to clinic to increase healthy human lifespan.

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